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Introduction to PubliAtis
PubliAtis' mission is to simplify the daily life of professional and amateur publishers, while optimizing the profitability of their publications.
To carry this out, PubliAtis publishes light software solutions for their workflow management, multichannel content distribution, and collaborative management.
In addition to bringing together press skills, digital information, and new technologies, PubliAtis' teams accompany businesses in researching profitability levers and new business models.

Our Philosophy
PubliAtis supports open and standard software technologies in order to assist our clients to be supplier independent.
The fully web-based solutions developed by PubliAtis are light and require no software programs to be installed on users computers.
PubliAtis thereby constantly supplies the best available solution on the market in terms of the relationship between performance and speed of return on investment.

PubliAtis, a light Publishing System
PubliAtis is an intuitive, light software suite accessible by a simple Internet browser, which can be rolled out quickly and easily at low cost.
The different users of the publishing chain can accordingly work in collaborative mode from any computer connected to the Internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By bringing together the different steps of periodical production (editorial workflow, content formatting, publication, distribution, advertising, reader surveys) in a single software environment, the publishers who use PubliAtis significantly optimize their licensing, administrative and application maintenance costs.


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