THE Tool for Modern Publishers

Take a step towards a modern and reliable collaborative publishing system.

With PubliAtis, you benefit from a next-generation editorial system, ready to meeting the new challenges of the publishing business. Turn your organization into a virtual newsroom with 24/7 access through a simple browser.

Remote access also allows telecommuting and unprecedented responsiveness. Your reporter on the field can access PubliAtis in real time and you'll be the first to publish this news-that-can't-wait-to-be-published on multiple channels.

PubliAtis also allows you to streamline production processes through collaboration and monitoring. You always know at what step you are in your production and you gain confidence. And why not take advantage of this saved time by launching new editorial products? With PubliAtis, nothing easier ; each new editorial product is added to your editorial database at a marginal cost.

PubliAtis also allows marketing and communication department to meet a well-known problem: how to communicate faster on more and more differents medias with a limited budget?

PubliAtis is the backbone of your communications department In a single interface accessible 24/7 through a web browser, you control the creation of content (press release, mailing, emailing, newsletter or binding, poster and flyer). Thanks to the alert system you know who and when your work was validated and you can distribute it with a simple click on a multitude of channels (Twitter, Facebook, emailing, CMS, blog ...).

And thanks to the InDesign composition engine, you ensure the effective respect of your graphic guidelines in carrying your items without technical knowledge and without additional license.

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