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A Team of Experts

PubliAtis team regoups technology, media and digital information professionals.

To help you make the most of our solutions, we guide you through a full range of consulting services. Meanwhile, we support you in studying and modeling new business-models of publishing.

Coaching and Consulting
 We carry upstream a full audit of the current organization of your editorial workflow. Our consultants identify the levers of optimization and recommend you the most appropriate action plans.
 We conduct specific settings, creation of user profiles, technical installation, our consultants assist you in every step of deploying PubliAtis system.
 We help you develop incoming and outgoing information feeds.
 PubliAtis is designed to anticipate the needs of most publishers in the publication and streaming of their contents. However, we can make specific functional enhancements based on your needs (interfacing with your CRM, accounting gateways, synchronization of your databases ...).
  We offer managed administration of the editorial system. A member of our team is assigned to your account and manage the platform based on your instructions. Eg creation of user accounts, change rights, establishing a new distribution channel, format your databases ...
Customer Support and Training
PubliAtis mission is to simplify the daily work of publishers, we attach fundamental importance to the level of service provided to our customers and users. Thus, they receive comprehensive training and a high level of support by email or telephone.
  User training
Grouped by user profile (writers, director, marketing functions ...), our training on-site are intended to give all the keys and tips to best exploit the power of PubliAtis.
 Training of technical teams
Under PubliAtis solutions deployed in Intranet, we structure a transfer of skills to your technical teams to ensure first level support to users.
  Helpdesk and Support
PubliAtis Customer Support provides ongoing support via a bilingual French-English team that emphasizes responsiveness and immediate resolution of your problems.

Publishing layouts
PubliAtis offers a service for creating or adapting electronic or print layouts.

We work on all publication formats: from InDesign layouts to newsletter templates, through web or mobile webdesign.

Creatives / designers in our network define with you the evolution of your layouts and set your PubliAtis platform accordingly so you can implement immediately.

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