Return on Investment

PubliAtis breaks with the traditional practices and offers an exceptional ROI: PubliAtis is affordable, simple to deploy and to maintain.
Based on a modern view of software publishing, PubliAtis is the best solution in the editorial systems market in terms of performance / return on investment.

ROI on existing costs
With PubliAtis you get a significant ROI on your existing costs.

You increase productivity and save on external services purchases(paper, mailing, etc. ...)
The centralization and streamlining of tasks : writing, validation of content, layout and distribution allow you to avoid the systematic need of service providers (communication agency, web agency) and thus, drastically reduce your budgets.
Beyond its ultra competitive pricing approach, the lightness of the SaaS system by PubliAtis enables to deploy and maintain the platform without installing specific software on user workstations, thus reducing overall IT budget. PubliAtis teams provide a high level of service in supporting your projects, deployment and configuration of your editorial system.
ROI on potential costs
Using a full-fledged and easy to use editorial system, the launch of new products or new activities has never been so quick and economical.
With PubliAtis you can set up new editorial products (paper and electronic) in only a few days.
By mutualizing content and technology, each new editorial product launches lowers your cost per unit of production, improving the margin of each product.
Implicit ROI
PubliAtis offers a unique collaborative working platform for a better real-time collaboration between different teams of contributors (commercial, legal, marketing ...). Your teams do not use heterogeneous systems where data integrity is not assured. Instead, they consult and share the same elements in real time, enabling greater collaboration between teams and a significant improvement in productivity of your business.

And thanks to PubliAtis, all of your reports is gathered, stored within the platform. All your information is centralized and stored in one place. This greatly minimizes the proliferation of backup files on your local network and facilitates access to information for different users.

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