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PubliAtis editorial system channels now reach social networks

Paris, 3 december 2009 - To mark the opening of the Paris based tradeshow Les Ateliers de la Presse, PubliAtis, independent software publisher, today announced the integration of new channels of distribution to the social web.

Thus, PubliAtis customers, newspaper publishers and large companies, can now distribute their information and content to social networks such as Twitter® or FaceBook®. They benefit from facilitated cintent distribution to those two services that services enjoys exponential growth.

« Publish a selection of information to Facebook and Twitter can mobilize an audience that is hungry for information. Publisher that leverage their presence in these networks, develop their brand loyalty , drive traffic to their sites, and anticipate new forms of monetization of their publishing material,», déclare Gaetan Fron, DG de PubliAtis SAS.

PubliAtis, cross media distribution platform

PubliAtis offers publishers a collaborative platform managing the entire production cycle of their content (magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, syndication). PubliAtis incorporates a dynamic engine layout and content delivery engine dealing with any type of electronic distribution channels: CMS, Email, SMS, mobile, aggregation platform, and now social networks.

About PubliAtis

PubliAtis' mission is to simplify the daily lives of professional and non-professional publishers, while optimizing the profitability of their publications. To accomplish this goal, PubliAtis issues light software solutions to manage a publisher's editorial workflow, multimodal content distribution, and collaborative management.

By bringing together the skills and knowledge of the press, digital information, and new technologies, PubliAtis assists companies in the search for profitability leverages and new business models.

PubliAtis is based in Paris.

For further information about PubliAtis, please visit our website at or contact Gaetan Fron at


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