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PubliAtis, cross-media editorial system, launches its new SaaS offerings

Paris, 7 september 2010 - PubliAtis today announced the launch of its new SaaS offerings. Publishers can now enjoy the full power of a cross-media platform for less than 80 euros per user per month.

SaaS editions available to all publishers:

PubliAtis SaaS offers three editions, from 49 euros / user / month to 149 euros / user / month. Thus, publishers of all sizes (Media Group, publishers of business news, website editor, marketing services) can benefit from a professional tool to publish their publications on multiple delivery channels and benefit from rapid ROI.

PubliAtis includes the various processes for producing and distributing publications: from content creation to final delivery to the audience, through collaborative magazine creation, automated page rendering, cross media(print, web, email, RSS, Mobile ...), productivity tools (planning, messaging, workflow), and managemet of digital assets (DAM).

For a complete presentation of these new features and tips on implementing cross-media publication strategy, contact PubliAtis at

About PubliAtis

PubliAtis' mission is to simplify the daily lives of professional and non-professional publishers, while optimizing the profitability of their publications. To accomplish this goal, PubliAtis issues light software solutions to manage a publisher's editorial workflow, multimodal content distribution, and collaborative management.

By bringing together the skills and knowledge of the press, digital information, and new technologies, PubliAtis assists companies in the search for profitability leverages and new business models.

PubliAtis is based in Paris.

For further information about PubliAtis, please visit our website at or contact Gaetan Fron at


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