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Launch of PubliAtis, the First On-Demand Multichannel Publishing System

Paris, New York, March 5th 2007 - PubliAtis, an independent software publisher, announced today the launch of version 1.0 of its publishing platform, thus marking the arrival of the World's First On-Demand Editorial System for periodical publishers.

Founded by press and digital information professionals, PubliAtis is revolutionizing the publishing systems market by offering light collaborative solutions, which have broken away from the economic and technological models of the market's traditional players :

- 100% web-based interface, with no installations or component software necessary on the client's computer

- Marketing through subscription (ASP), allowing all types of publishers (professional editors, companies, advertising agencies, associations) to access tools that until today were only available to large press corporations.

The PubliAtis platform includes seamless modules that enable managing the entire production cycle of a periodical (collaborative editorial workflow, automated formatting, distribution, subscriptions, ad management, and surveys).

As a multichannel solution, PubliAtis is oriented towards the production and distribution of publications in all types of printed and digital formats (web, email, mobile, web feeds, RSS). PubliAtis is thus particularly adapted to serve Press markets (unification of newsrooms), editing agencies, corporations, associations and institutions.

About PubliAtis

PubliAtis' mission is to simplify the daily lives of professional and non-professional publishers, while optimizing the profitability of their publications. To accomplish this goal, PubliAtis issues light software solutions to manage a publisher's editorial workflow, multimodal content distribution, and collaborative management.

By bringing together the skills and knowledge of the press, digital information, and new technologies, PubliAtis assists companies in the search for profitability leverages and new business models.

PubliAtis is based in Paris.

For further information about PubliAtis, please visit our website at or contact Gaetan Fron at

Events and Tradeshows

IFRA EXPO from 4th to 6th october 2010 in Hamburg (DE)

The Future of Press from 1st to 2nd december 2010 in Paris (FR)


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