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PubliAtis solutions chosen to implement European wider archive database of information on listed companies

Paris, November 6, 2007 - PubliAtis, software publishing company and consultancy specializing in editorial management solutions, has signed a contract with Labrador, the editor of REGinfo ( a European database of the regulated information of listed companies.

PubliAtis accompanied Labrador in the realization of a a web platform for validation, storage and free download european wide financial information on listed companies.

Leveraging its expertise in the management of editorial workflows, PubliAtis built a highly secure technology platform, fed in real-time by listed companies and offering from launch date more than 50,000 documents in various formats (HTML, PDF, MS Word ... ).

"With REGinfo (, investors now have a single access point for all companies regulated information and issuers a powerful tool to demonstrate the transparency of their information," Raynier said Nicolas, CEO of Labrador. "It was necessary for the realization of such a project, to rely on both a strong technology and a team of experts in document workflows."

"PubliAtis demonstrates that its On-Demand technology serves two major markets : newspaper publishers and corporate information," said Gaetan Fron, PubliAtis CEO. "REGinfo ( is a major intiative in the financial information industry this year. We are proud to participate in its success story. "

About PubliAtis

PubliAtis' mission is to simplify the daily lives of professional and non-professional publishers, while optimizing the profitability of their publications. To accomplish this goal, PubliAtis issues light software solutions to manage a publisher's editorial workflow, multimodal content distribution, and collaborative management.

By bringing together the skills and knowledge of the press, digital information, and new technologies, PubliAtis assists companies in the search for profitability leverages and new business models.

PubliAtis is based in Paris.

For further information about PubliAtis, please visit our website at or contact Gaetan Fron at

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