Marketing and Communication

PubliAtis is for the communications and publications of corporations: consumer magazines, internal and external newspapers, newsletters, Internet sites, and intranets.

Businesses are confronted with a double issue of increasing targeted publications, in order to better respond to their readership's expectations, while distributing their content in paper and electronic formats.

By using PubliAtis, communications services benefit from:

the strength and flexibility of a publishing system based on the standards of the largest press offices
a unique collaborative work platform that allows a better real-time improved collaboration between different teams of correspondents (business, legal, marketing…)
a simple, intuitive, multilingual tool, entirely accessible through the Internet
total freedom to launch new publications and set up newsletters by e-mail, without assistance from an IT department
a radical optimization of their budgets by drastically reducing their outsourcing purchases (formatting, web agencies…)

To learn more about PubliAtis' solutions for marketing and communication,
consult our product sheet PubliAtis – Corporate Data Sheet (pdf)


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