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PubliAtis Book is a collaborative platform dedicated to the production of large documents (annual reports, annual reports, scientific reports, reference documents, guides, manuals, market research ...).

With PubliAtis Book, the various teams involved in the production of those documents (editing, translation, correction, validation) work in collaborative mode from a simple web browser.

Content is managed via a custom workflow to accurately track each other's actions and manage the lifecycle of information. PubliAtis Book creates in real-time content in various formats : HTML / WORD for preview and copy editing, PDF and InDesign for transfer to the pre-press workflow / or to the printer, and XML for electronic dissemination.

With PubliAtis Book, the production cycle of your documents is shortened, more secure, cheaper and natively cross media.

Key features :

100% web access
fully customizable users profiles and roles
customizable content workflow
real-time monitoring of collaborative drafting
intuitive text editor compatible with MS Word
management of all type of content : text, images, graphs and tables
advanced monitoring tools for revision history
content export in XML & Word
automatic page layout and rendering using In Design Server


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