Collaborative Tools


Shared workspace
PubliAtis provides a shared working environment where users can track each other progress in real time.
Tools and content are centralized thus facilitating communication between users.
Internal Messaging System
PubliAtis integrates a messaging and automated alert tool, that is interfaced with regular e-mail system (MS Outlook, Mail, webmail ...)
Reviews, validations and alerts tools
Within PubliAtis, authorized users work at any stage of content creation, authoring and validation.
This process is done through various status assigned to each article or media, but also through comments. Each intervention is tracked on the publication via an email alert.
Content lifecycle and versions are automatically saved.
Editorial planning
PubliAtis includes a comprehensive, fully customizable editorial planning, allowing each user to setup production planning, share an appointment, a story, an interview, an event. Shared between users and linked to article writing planning, editorial schedules can be viewed and sorted by date, items, or users.


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